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Lineup 2016

The Moorings - Brotlos - Drunken Lullabies - Renegades of Funk -Tune Circus - Stereobite - Incround - Cat Eaters
Line up 2013

The Bandgeek Mafia

Six Nation
Ra’s Dawn
The Convois
Versus You, 
Marvin Go
Bottermelk Fresh
Red Fuse

Line up 2012

-Livingston (GBR)
-Six Nation
-Scene Writers
-Radio Moscow Noise Pollution
-Dancing at my Disco
-Gune Bone
-New Day Dawn
-Banana Slugs

Line up 2011

-Philip Sayce (USA)

-Renegades of Funk
-Speed Bottles
-Days to Burn
-Expecting Jewels
-one Minute to go

-Fortune drives to Vegas


Line up 2010

-Eternal Tango
-The Bandgeek Mafia
-Hello Bomb

-red Fuse
-Forced to Exile
-Alive at last
-Seven Ways
-Face down Stereo
-The Convois
-Capital Punishment
-Voodoo Bastard
-The Blue Minds



Lineup 2009

-Peter Pan Speedrock (NL)
-Brand new Demon
-Leeching Projekt
-in December
-Dusty Miller

-Times new Romance
-after one Summer
-Fluktuation 8

-1 Minute to go
-Between Planets


Lineup 2008:

-Selene´s Fall
-at the farewell party
-The Burning Wheels
-red fuse
-new ways in order
-Sky ascension
-heroic deed
-the falling street lights
-another Heros fall



Lineup 2007:

-Days in Grief
-Ra`s Dawn
Selene´s Fall
-app Ground
-John Q Puplic
-red fuse
-The Burning Wheels
-The Laconics
-Picture of Misery




Lineup 2005:

-Ra´s Dawn
-Save our Souls




Lineup 2003:

-Tyborn Tall





(in den Jahren 2004 und 2006 fand kein Uferrock statt. Das erste Festival fand im Jahre 2003 statt)